Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Palm Springs Photo Festival


I attended the Palm Springs Photo Festival this past March and it was a fabulous experience. It was held at the Korakia Pensione Hotel and I met some wonderful fellow photographers while I was there. I took a seminar with Veronique Vial which was very inspiring (she has never taught before so I thought of it as an extra special opportunity). I think what I like most about it was the casualness of it. The esteemed photographer Jeff Dunas was trying to take a picture of me sitting on a chaise lounge reading the festival's program and inadvertently fell in the pool (I was mortified to say the least).

I was honored that they chose a slideshow of my work to be shown at one of the evening's functions (some of the photos are highlighted above). I of course had to honor my sisters by putting my favorite photo of the three of them as the last photo of the slideshow.

I am very much looking forward to attending the second annual festival and will remember the first annual one fondly.

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Anonymous said...

Jeff Dunas hopes to see you at this years Palm Springs Photo Festival. It's going to be amazing.

Anonymous said...

Your last year slide show was fantastic. Were you here this year? I didnt see you. All the best.