Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wedding at the Trump National Golf Club

I met Chris and Bo last year at Sanjeet and Tommy's Halloween party. They were dressed as Christine and the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera. Already a fan of my work they decided that evening that they wanted to hire me for their wedding.

The ceremony took place at the most incredible church in Palos Verdes -- the Neighborhood Church. Then a couple of hours later the festivities continued at the Trump National Golf Club.

The weather that whole day was spectacular and so was the sunset. Because it was a full moon we also got some incredible shoots of the bride and groom with the moon.

Click here to view the slideshow or below.


Jules Bianchi said...

I love the shot of the bride sitting in front of that cool wallpaper... where is that room???

Urban Bridesmaid Photography... said...

Beautiful photos!