Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yes I Survived It and It was a Lot of Fun

Spiro Roditis and I at Will Rogers

Spiro and I now

Well the reunion was a lot of fun. I got such a kick out of people from elementary school seeing each other after 20 years. It was wonderful to see from Will Rogers Ali Angelopoulos, Irma and Cecilia Arroyo, Sherri and Kristi McCune, Julie Tarpley, Lainy Rosen, Spiro Roditis, Mark Walter and Veronica Garcia. But so many people were also missing that I thought about at the end of the night --

Curtis Arndt, Amy and Terri Kissler, Greg Tesdahl, Stacy LaDuke, Jennifer Talt, Lori Matsumura, John Tostado, Morgan Snyder, Jana Weintraub, Megan O'Leary.

Maybe putting their names in this blog will help me in finding them.

It was also great to see from John Adams the following people:

Jimmy LaBrie, Warren Wilson, Christi Gourley, Marcia McCoy, Chloe Brown, Gillian Brecker, Leah Melber, Kyle Menig, Mac McIver, Tina Wilson and Sharee Giselle.

I came home that night and made a slideshow. Click on the slideshow above or click here.

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Anonymous said...

At least you were brave enough to go! I have never attended any reunion of my high school. Probably because it is so far away... NH