Friday, April 10, 2009

Featured in Victoria Magazine - May/June Issue

One of my favorite magazines for many years was Victoria Magazine. It ceased publication a few years ago and last year it was revived and I was always happy to see it again in my mailbox every couple of months.

A long, long time ago I sent them one of my business cards hoping to one day be featured in their "Calling Cards" feature. Well it finally happened and I got a box of the issue on my doorstep today even though the issue doesn't come out until April 21.

What a great way to start my Easter weekend!!

Through the lens of her camera, April Rocha captures the sincere romance of a wedding day with images that last a lifetime. By focusing on the meaningful details of a couple's special ceremony, she creates the ultimate artistic expression with pictures that evoke true emotion.


Bradford said...

So awesome! Congrats!!

chelsea said...

Awesome! THat is so cool!! I love that section. I had my card featured in there back when I had a flower shop and I was totally giddy over it. Congrats!!