Friday, September 04, 2009

A Little Piece of Home Journal


Don't you wish you could always have with you a little piece of home?

With Kolo's Essex Album customized by me you can.

Santa Monica, my hometown, has many iconic landmarks and I've included some of them in this lovely journal.

The Santa Monica Carousel and Ferris Wheel
Station 26 Lifeguard station
Vintage postcards of Santa Monica
A vintage map of Santa Monica from 1940
A glassine envelope where you can add a Santa Monica bus token or some other trinket

The rest of it is for YOU to fill out yourself with what you consider to be your personal little pieces of home.

The journal can also be additionally customized by adding a 2010 calendar (standard or accordion-style) or an address book.

Click here to purchase this beautiful little book.

Size of book - 5x5" x 3.6"
Each book has two inserts - photo sleeves (one already filled with an image) and
a blank journal insert which includes a glassine envelope. The address book or calendar can also be added for an additional fee.

There is also a pocket in the back of the book

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1 comment:

Sarah Hodzic said...

SO so cute! I love this idea April!!