Thursday, February 25, 2010

More About My Photographic Series

I told you a little bit about my new photographic series last week.

I started working on the series yesterday and wanted to share this image with you.

My Great Aunt Frances Reid owned her home in Brentwood from 1968-2010 (42 years) and since she passed away our family has to sell her home.

In a perfect world I would be able to twirl a magic wand and have the home stay exactly like it is forever -- a museum of sorts. But since that is not possible I thought it was appropriate that I photograph the home. Not so much the rooms but the little things.

My Aunt Francie had a wonderful book collection so I thought it was important to photograph it.

My dear friend Ron Marasco came over yesterday and we went through all of her theatre books. Ron helped me tremendously figure out what was a rare treasure and what was as he calls it "readily available." I could not have done it without him.

In going through the books yesterday we found a book that belonged to choreographer Jerome Robbins (dated 1946), a book signed by playwright Moss Hart given to Francie's husband actor Philip Bourneuf and a script with a note from film/theatre director Elia Kazan.

I cannot wait to share more of this project with you.

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danielletbd said...

Hi April:

I just wanted to say I had a chance to meet Frances once, years ago, when I "interned" for Days of our Lives. She was such a wonderful and talented woman; thank you for blogging about this experience. I would love it if you'd allow me to link to your website on my own; I posted my own tribute of sorts to her when I first heard of her passing (

I know this is a difficult time for your family, and my thoughts are with you guys.

Suzi Q said...

Wow. This must be such an amazing experience to see someone else's life through their belongings. I hope you are photographing it all!