Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Adventure in New Orleans

Six Flags New Orleans-33.jpg

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Rarely do I write long blog entries but I want to share with you my adventure in New Orleans.

I discovered that there is a Six Flags New Orleans amusement park that was closed for Hurricane Katrina and because the flooding was so extensive it never reopened. You can click here to view what is looked like right after the hurricane.

So I went on a secret mission while I was in New Orleans and trespassed on the property.  I scouted the park a couple of days before and discovered the old employees entrance was the easiest way to get in (and trust me it was VERY easy).  It was eerie and exhilarating all at the same time and I can tell you there was not a soul nor a critter in sight.

I created the slideshow in the order in which I saw the park in this state.  You can also view my comments as you watch the slideshow (upper right hand corner of the screen).  Click here to view the slideshow in a separate window.

The park will be sold for scrap metal in January 2011.


Mike said...

Very cool images! I wish Liana and I could have gotten over there too.

I really wanted to visit there after I saw this video the week before we left for PartnerCon:

Great to meet you in NOLA!

Unknown said...

Wow this is eerie. Its sad what happened to the park.

Small Miracles Photography said...

Really cool shots. We have a Six Flags here, close to SF, and it is so eery to see the park abandoned, because it does look so familiar.
Love the idea to shoot it and your balls to sneak in! Great work and thanks for sharing.