Thursday, June 09, 2011

One of the Winners of the Photobook Cali Project



PDN (Photo District News) created a project with Blurb and B&H Photo calling for the best California related photography.  The project is called the Photobook Cali Project.  The sponsors wanted us to show the Golden State as we know it (with a special emphasis on a series of images).

In showcasing the state of California it's without question that I would choose to show my hometown of Santa Monica, shot of course with Polaroid film and a toy camera.

I was honored to find out today that I one of the 35 winners of this project.  The project will be published in an PDN branded special edition book celebrating the images that capture the true California experience.

You can view all the winner's images here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi April,

Congrats by the way on being chosen a winner. I love your pictures. I was lucky enough to be chosen as well and that is why I am reaching out to you. I've tried to get a hold of the contest organizers to determine when we would be receiving our PhotoPlus Gold Expo passes. I haven't received any communications back and I would like to make travel plans but hesitant to do so until I have the pass in hand. I haven't received any of the other prizes either. Not that that's the reason I enter photo contests, but it's all a nice bonus to winning. If you have had any contact, I'd love any contact information you may have. Thanks and congrats again! G. Protzman