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Busy Morning – The Standard Up-to-Date Practical Letter Writer


I have some obsessions,  Yes I admit it.  One of them is old books on letter writing.  I found this one on Etsy and it was published in 1914.  Chapters include Penmanship, Blots and Interlineations, Folding, Stamps and Orthography.

The Preface of the book states:

“What to do and how to do it” is the key note to success in almost any calling.  Especially is this true in the writing of letters and other social and commercial forms.  It has been the author’s purpose to furnish just such information as may meet the wants of the public.  The plan of the work embraces the whole field of letters, — their structure, rhetoric, literature, and classification, as well as the uses of forms and notes, cards and commercial paper.  Foreign Phrases, Abbreviations, Proverbs and Quotations, etc., and other subjects for reference, are conveniently arranged in the back of the volume, and it is intended to be sufficiently complete to meet the ordinary requirements of the public.

The work is submitted with the hope that it may assist in promoting the social and literary culture of all who may have access to its pages. 

The most appropriate chapter for my letter writing this morning would have been “Letters of Love and Friendship.” I was busy indeed this morning and hopefully promoting the social and literary culture of all in 2011. 

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