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One of the Winners of the Photobook Cali Project



PDN (Photo District News) created a project with Blurb and B&H Photo calling for the best California related photography.  The project is called the Photobook Cali Project.  The sponsors wanted us to show the Golden State as we know it (with a special emphasis on a series of images).

In showcasing the state of California it’s without question that I would choose to show my hometown of Santa Monica, shot of course with Polaroid film and a toy camera.

I was honored to find out today that I one of the 35 winners of this project.  The project will be published in an PDN branded special edition book celebrating the images that capture the true California experience.

You can view all the winner’s images here.

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Winner of the Kolo “What’s in your Kolo Window?” Contest


I was informed on Friday that I was one of the five winners of Kolo’s “What’s in your Kolo Window?” contest. Click here to view the Koloist blog entry about the winners and their submitted artwork.

I submitted my A Little Piece of Home journal and they liked it enough to choose it as one of their winners. Thank you Kolo!!

I can’t wait to get my prize in the mail – Kolo albums, photo boxes and accessories.

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An Artists’ Reception with Pictage and Shoot Q During PartnerCon 2009

See you at Pictage Partner Conference 2009 New Orleans

Pictage is holding its annual Partner Conference in New Orleans on November 3-5.

A smaller version of the Contrast Show will be in exhibition during the conference.

Sponsored by Shoot Q, there will be a reception on November 3 from 7:30-9:30 pm at the A Gallery for Fine Photography in the French Quarter.

I was honored that Rachel LaCour Niesen of ShootQ chose my Santa Monica Pier image for the show invite.

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April Rocha Happenings kudos Santa Monica Through the Viewfinder TTV Why I Love Film

Contrast Show at the Warehouse in Cleveland, Mississippi

The amazingly talented photographer Will Jacks has a gallery show opening on August 20 in Cleveland, Missisippi and I am happy to say that the gallery chose five of my images to be included in the show.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to personally attend the opening but am so happy to Will and for this wonderful event. You can learn more about the show here and view the press release here.

You can see my images below.

CONTRAST  ::: a visual exploration :::



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April Rocha Happenings kudos Paper Goods Santa Monica Through the Viewfinder TTV

A Little Piece of Home is Featured on Kolo’s Blog

Kolo Albums was nice enough to feature my A Little Piece of Home book in their very own blog, The Koloist, today.

Click here to read the blog entry.

The response to this book has been tremendous.

April Rocha Happenings awards kudos Why I Love Film

Artists’ Reception at the Annenberg Beach House is Scheduled for May 14

The Artists’ Reception for Beach Stories at the Annenberg Beach House has been scheduled for Thursday, May 14 from 6-8 pm. One of my photographs is in the exhibit (through September 21).

Click here to view my other entry about the exhibit.

I’m really looking forward to the reception and for my friends to see the new space.

I found in my vintage postcard collection two postcards that showcase the Marion Davies Estate (which is now the Beach House). The only building remaining is the guest house on the north side of the estate.

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Mentioned in the Snippet & Ink Blog

I have already proclaimed that {Frolic!} is my favorite style blog. But you know what? I have a second favorite style blog and it’s Kathryn Storke’s wonderful Snippet & Ink, which is specifically geared toward wedding inspiration.

After I was featured on (Oh So) Beautiful Paper with Stephanie Sponsel’s gorgeous letterpress work (of Les Fleurs de Papier), Snippet & Ink featured it as well in their weekend entry.

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Featured in Victoria Magazine – May/June Issue

One of my favorite magazines for many years was Victoria Magazine. It ceased publication a few years ago and last year it was revived and I was always happy to see it again in my mailbox every couple of months.

A long, long time ago I sent them one of my business cards hoping to one day be featured in their “Calling Cards” feature. Well it finally happened and I got a box of the issue on my doorstep today even though the issue doesn’t come out until April 21.

What a great way to start my Easter weekend!!

Through the lens of her camera, April Rocha captures the sincere romance of a wedding day with images that last a lifetime. By focusing on the meaningful details of a couple’s special ceremony, she creates the ultimate artistic expression with pictures that evoke true emotion.

April Rocha Happenings awards kudos Santa Monica Why I Love Film

I’ve Been Selected as one of the Artists in a Photography Exhibit at the Annenberg Beach House

When I was attending John Adams Junior High (now a middle school) if you had a 3.5 GPA or higher you could become a member of Honor Scholarship (run by Mr. La Duke). At the end of the school year, as a reward, you would get to go to the Sand & Sea Club for the day and I have very fond memories of going there every year of junior high. That club has been recently refurbished and is now the Annenberg Beach House with a grand opening on April 25.

Their first photography exhibit is Beach Stories and one of my images was chosen for the exhibit. There are 36 images in the exhibit and my image was chosen out of 250 submissions.

This is an incredible honor as I love my home town, the beach house (which was built by William Randolph Hearst for his mistress Marion Davies) and most especially the beach.

An Artist’s Reception will be held in mid-May (the date has not been finalized).

April Rocha Happenings Etsy Holgaroid kudos Polaroid Film Toy Camera Weddings Why I Love Film

One of My Favorite Blogs {frolic!}

One of my absolutely favorite style blogs is {frolic!} created and written by photo stylist/floral designer extraordinaire Chelsea Fuss. Chelsea wrote today about my Holgaroid work, wedding photography and Etsy store. I feel so honored to be a part of her blog and look forward to reading it every day.

Click here to view the blog entry.