Pinterest – I was ahead of everyone else on this!

Source: via April on Pinterest

Source: via April on Pinterest

Source: via April on Pinterest


I read a lot and I mean a lot and I read about Pinterest in June 2010 (click here for proof) and immediately signed up.

I was gleeful about this new little site. It took all of my favorite magazine tear sheets from boxes in my house and put them neatly on one page for the world to see.

I told everyone I knew about this site and they all looked at me puzzled. They had no idea what I was talking about. I even wrote three blog entries about it in June 2010 to no avail. Now it’s all the rage and when people ask me about it I look at them and say “Um yeah I knew about Pinterest two years ago and no one listened to me.”

Let’s just say that once again I was ahead of the curve and ahead of the trend.


Pinterest – My Loves for this Week


My Pinterest Board this week include:

Pantone Wedding Swatches – Color Fan Guide
Sold by Dessy

Stairways – A sweet little coffee table book about various historical stairways in Los Angeles

100 Abandoned Houses – a photography series by Kevin Bauman about abandoned houses in Detroit, Michigan

There is still a way to send a telegram even though Western Union does not send them anymore – TelegramStop

Click here to view my Pinterest Board and here to view all of my boards.

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Pinterest – Oh How I Love These Items


My Pinterest Board for this week.

You can click here to view it.

You can view all my boards by clicking here.

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Pinterest Why I Love Film

Pinterest – Photographs I Love


Faves include recently discovered unpublished photographs of Marilyn Monroe, courtesy of TimeLife

Montgomery Clift photographed by Richard Avedon, courtesy of the New Yorker

Prada in Marfa, Texas courtesy of 944 Magazine

The Hollywood Sign shot by April Rocha

Click here to view my Pinterest board of “Photographs I Love”

Click here to view my board from yesterday

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April Rocha Happenings Pinterest

Pinterest – My New Obsession


I discovered Pinterest through Peggy Wong of Blue Pool Road and it’s my new obsession.

I bookmark a lot of interesting articles and images on Delicious and so many of what I bookmark has beautiful visuals that go with the articles or blog entries.

You can create Pin Boards through Pinterest and I created this one using the theme of “Things April Loves Right Now”

They include such things as:

Beautiful Initial Letterpress Cards from Delphine Press, courtesy of the Beautiful Paper blog

A Model T Car you can rent and drive through Yosemite, courtesy of the Los Angeles Times

Images of my favorite actor, Montgomery Clift, shot by Richard Avedon, courtesy of the New Yorker magazine

The Desk of Fritz Karch, Editorial Director of Collecting at Martha Stewart, courtesy of Martha Stewart Living magazine

Al Gore’s incredibly messy desk, courtesy of Time magazine

Click here to view the board.

The possibilities are endless with this new website.

Tomorrow………..a Pinterest board on some of my favorite images right now

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