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Great Video of A Soolip Wedding by Film Foto Fusion



A Soolip Wedding // March 6, 2011 // Los Angeles from Film Foto Fusion on Vimeo.

Sometimes it can be so hard to describe A Soolip Wedding to someone who isn’t from Los Angeles or who has never attended the annual event. The video that Jerry Verdin and Max Young of Film Foto Fusion put together represents what the event is about so well. I now send friends and family a link to view the video on Vimeo and my attempt to use words to describe it just isn’t necessary anymore.

If you blink while watching the video you’ll miss seeing me and if I had known they were shooting me working on talking to guests of the event or setting up my booth trust me I would have hidden from their view. They were so subtle that I didn’t even realize they were there shooting me.

Thank you Max and Jerry.

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