A Soolip Wedding

The Extraordinary Ladies behind A Soolip Wedding



I thought it time the ladies behind A Soolip Wedding deserve their very own blog entry. Wanda Wen, owner of Soolip, and her amazing team of Erica Ahlin and Brooke Barnes Zipperman pull off the Soolip Wedding event and they make it look effortless. I know that whatever I ask or need I never have to worry that it isn’t going to happen. They also look amazing the day of the event and I have proof this year. I was able to get them in my photo booth before the event was finished.

P.S. Brooke’s baby was due almost the same day as this year’s LA event (and ended up having her baby two weeks early) and showed up at the end of the event to make an appearance. You can view the images I took of her Brooke and her baby bump here.

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